We are marketing veterans with an entrepreneurial spirit and we have a comprehensive approach that focuses on the bigger picture, not just the marketing part. We offer dynamic solutions to help businesses unlock growth in a world of change. Clients rely on our integrated omnichannel matrix and expertise to achieve ambitious goals through creativity, science, data, and technology.


If you’re not being found in Google search you’re likely giving your sales to your competitors. In other words be found fast or bite the dust of those who were faster.


We develop your idea into a digital asset be it a website, e-commerce platform, or fixing stuff on your existing digital asset.


We promote your site, app, product or thought. You want it heard, we make it heard.

Social Media

This is where you talk to your target audience. This is the best channel to get your brand seen.

Paid Advertising

The competition is so tough that nowadays you have to fight for ‘them’ to even notice you. This SEO fight can take anywhere from 6 months to a year. Or you can pay Google to see show your site to everyone tomorrow.

Help & Support

We partner with you to help you get a start, we will never ignore your questions again.

Portfolio & Our Sister Companies

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Our Sister Companies

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"Amazing Designs and Quality Work!"

The folks at Customerinfoshop LLC who handled our account are extremely responsive. They provide us with meaningful keyword data that allows us to make decisions about how we advertise on the web. We value their expertise.
Aaron Lawson
Hot Springs Advertising, CEO.

Meet Our Team


Digital Project Manager

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Mihaela believes that digitalizing commerce is the KEY. Her mission is to humanize the world by leveraging the power of technology. She indulges her days in helping Fortune 500 clients and SMBs with digital solutions that deliver ROIs.


Web Designer

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Daria is a web geek and innovator. She likes to go the extra mile with her work and surprise clients with stellar websites. Challenging clients from time to time is her holy virtue and very often, the results show that she’s always right.


Lead Digital Growth

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Being curious and persistent, Michael is a digital expert who is best at experimenting and implementing the latest strategies and growth hacks. He is the fuel that keeps our solution engine fired-up, up-to-date, and personalized.


Sales Director

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With exceptional sales skills, Stefan leads our sales team to secure revenue growth for our company. He’s ambitious, experienced, and generous enough to share his sales holy bible whenever that can help serve the interest of our clients.

About Us

Customerinfoshop LLC is the parent company of Tessa Digital and is operating under that name.

Customerinfoshop LLC registered with NYS Department of State, Division of Corporations (DOS ID#: 5031333) headquartered at 555 Main St, New York, NY 10044
For more info visit our Facebook page or Customerinfoshop LLC LinkedIn page.

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